1Punctual and regular attendance is insisted upon. No leave of absence for the full day or a part thereof is granted except on previous written application and only for serious reasons.

2Absence without leave is liable to punishment /fine at the discretion of the Principal. All leave and absence should be recorded in the School student Hand book.

3Repeated absence for 3-7 calendar days without notification renders the students liable to dismissal/Re-admission.

4The student must have the leave note signed by the Parent/Guardian in 'Leave and Absence Record', without this, the student will not be admitted to the class.

5Reasons of a private nature may be intimated by letter. Birthdays, excursions, urgent work/ business are not sufficient reasons for leave. Absence from school in order to study is not allowed. Absence from school without prior leave is not tolerated except when the cause is sudden illness or unforeseen circumstances.

6A minimum of 75% attendance of the working days is required for promotion. The student should be on time to school for general assembly. Late comers are not tolerated.
Regular late comers will be sent home. No half day leave will be granted for any religious function, marriage programme, religious prayers etc. The parents are advised not to send their wards to school, if their wards are required to attend such programmes.

7A student who returns to school after a contagious or infectious disease should produce a Doctor's Certificate of FITNESS permitting him to attend the school.

8All are expected to attend school on the opening/closing day after vacation. No one is allowed to leave for vacation earlier than the closing day without prior permission of the Principal. All the students should attend the school on all National Festivals, otherwise they will be punished/fined Rs. 20/- per day.