1The school follows the semester system of evaluation and assessment approved by the CBSE. In each term there will also be regular periodic tests, class tests which will be taken into account for Promotion Record. Details of class tests, terminal evaluations, along with the schedule and syllabus will be given separately. The Progress Reports issued after the Terminal Evaluation are to be collected by the parents on the specified date.

2The school follows the assessment or evaluation for promotion of students to a higher class approved/guided by the CBSE.

3Use of unfair means in any form in any assignments, evaluations, Periodic Tests, Term Exams, Annual Exams is not tolerated or accepted. Repeated use of Unfair means disqualifies a student to continue in this school.

4If a student is absent in any Evaluation, Tests or Exams due to illness will be permitted to appear in the Exam or Test if it is required only once on a particular specified date.

5The failures in class X and XII will not be allowed to repeat the same class as a matter of policy of the school.

6Repeaters are not eligible for fee concession in the school.

7A student failing for two successive years in the same class may be asked to be withdrawn. Promotion refused will not be considered. In no case shall a student be "promoted on trial." Answer papers of unit tests, quarterly & half yearly examination are open to parents for scrutiny on application but answer papers of final examination will not under any circumstances be shown to the parents. The teachers should be taken into confidence by the parents/guardians.